We help organizations uncover their purpose, establish a clear vision, identify a pathway forward, enhance creative capacity, and inspire people to work together to change the world.

We utilize our systematic innovation process to engage diverse stakeholders through collaborative practice, generate novel insights through empathy and rigorous research, and help develop organizations that thrive by unlocking creative potential.

We help build strategy, design unique and sustainable positions within a given industry, and cultivate innovative cultures through the following offerings:

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Strategy and Growth

We help uncover your organization’s purpose, illuminate a vision for where you want to go, and architect a plan so you may establish a sustainable position in your industry.

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Innovation and Design

We help you re-imagine your products, services, programs, and experiences to align with your strategic vision and drive sustainable growth.

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Learning and Facilitation

We help build your organization into an innovation engine by teaching individuals, teams, and organizations how to unlock their creative potential.

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Chris Carpenter Trailhead Design

"I lead a team of problem solvers and our ability to deliver maximum value hinges on how well we frame problems and how ‘sticky’ our solutions are. The Design Thinking course gave the entire team new tools to help us sharpen our problem framing skills as well as gave us new methods to better ideate and articulate creative solutions."

Chris Carpenter

Sr Vice President of Business Improvement

Turner Broadcasting System

Ryan Bolick Trailhead Design

"If you are willing to trust the process, which is expertly presented from both a business and a creative mindset, your team and your business will be better for it. As a team, we have noticed ourselves asking better questions on the front end, which has led to improved outcomes."

Ryan Bolick

Vice President of Business Improvement

Turner Broadcasting System

Ryan Bolick Trailhead Design

"The design thinking workshop gave our team a vital opportunity to not only get out of our office environment, but to get out of our comfort zone and create without boundaries. The exercises/tools Mark and Richard used encouraged our team to dream and move our task-oriented thought processes into more of an innovative approach to our top challenges and opportunities."

Josh Jarman

Development Gifts and Marketing

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System