Innovation and Design

Re-envision your product and service offerings to transform.

Trailhead helps your organization tap into those latent customer needs that drives innovation, transforms your brand, and enables you to achieve sustainable growth. We start by understanding your organizations vision and its customers at the deepest levels, continue with ideation cycles that move beyond the low hanging fruit, and iterate until well defined prototypes are developed to move your organization forward.

The Process


Goal: To think about the problem, the context, the assumptions, from many angles, and reflect on asking sharpened questions.

Key Deliverables: A product or service Design Brief


Goal: To learn everything we can about the opportunity space. To get into the hearts and minds of your customer through empathy. To understand needs, desires, aspirations. To understand context at multiple levels.

Key Deliverables: A research report and presentation


Goal: To synthesize data into core insight, issues and opportunities. To craft a problem statement that refocuses attention on the problems/opportunities you are striving to address.

Key Deliverables: A redefined set of challenge statements


Goal: To tap into group genius and move past the obvious. To generate a large volume of ideas, to determine which ideas have the greatest potential, to begin refining the best ideas.

Key Deliverables: Sketch images of up to 20 concepts.


Goal: To allow time for subconscious processing of ideas. Utilize non-linear, non-rational, background mixing of ideas.

Key Deliverables: Refined sketches for voting


Goal: To transition ideas into new dimensions. To bring sketch images to life. To fail early to succeed sooner. To revise through learning and iteration.

Key Deliverables: Up to 3 well develop visual prototypes


Goal: To get client and user feedback to support iteration and ongoing development.

Key Deliverables: User feedback report

Why Trailhead?

Revolutionary Impact

Mark Lewis revolutionizes the Walker College of Business with his business plan rewrite. Engages students and increases production of research papers published!

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