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Design Thinking

This hands-on course will help your team enhance innovative capacity through a deep dive of the Design Thinking process. Our facilitators will demonstrate how to apply a systematic approach to support continuous innovation and move towards Peak Performance.

The systematic, Design Thinking process helps organizations to enhance innovative capacity by playing offense, to reflect on what they do and to discover novel ways to evolve. Through this workshop, you will be better prepared to uncover, create, and exploit new opportunities for you and your organization to excel.

Our Process

Learning Outcomes

Creative Problem Solving Trailhead Design

Become comfortable with ambiguity and complexity by approaching innovation in a systematic way

Complex Problem Solving Trailhead Design

Discover how design thinking can solve complex, multidimensional problems by applying novel techniques

Insight Trailhead Design Icon

Develop insight into customer needs, desires, and aspirations by employing powerful analytical tools

Enhance Creativity Trailhead Design Icon

Enhance creativity, break fixation, and enable innovation through application of the design thinking toolbox

Pluralistic Approach Trailhead Design Icon

Employ a pluralistic approach to discovery and innovation by understanding principles of human cognition

Creative Problem Solving Trailhead Design Icon

Cultivate appreciation for--and techniques to support--the power of collaboration to drive continuous innovation

Ongoing Innovation Trailhead Design Icon

Experience and understand the power of iteration for fostering ongoing innovation




























Wrap Up


Mark Lewis Trailhead Design Headshot

Mark Lewis

Mark is a strategist and innovation expert focusing on strategic visioning & planning, organizational design & change, and business model innovation. His work spans multiple industries (high tech, healthcare, education, and entertainment) and with companies such as IBM, SAP, Gartner, Hewlett Packard, UPS, Chrysler, Turner Broadcasting, and Highland Brewing Company, as well as with a plethora of smaller firms. He has published and/or presented over 30 articles on strategy, innovation, and technology management and has won both national and international awards for his research. His case study on innovation in strategic partnerships has sold over 10,000 copies in 29 countries. He earned a PhD in The Center for Process Innovation at Georgia State University. Mark is currently an Associate Professor of Business Strategy and Innovation at Appalachian State University where he Co-founded and Co-directs the Innovation and Design Cooperative.

Richard Elaver Trailhead Design Headshot

Richard Elaver

Richard is an Industrial Designer and design educator focusing on new product innovation and creative process. He is named on over 15 design patents and has helped develop products for companies such as Wilson Sports, 3M, and Craftsman. His independent design work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Museum of Art and Design in NY and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and published in Wired Magazine and Designboom. Recently, he created and licensed Joinks, an educational building toy for children, which was launched on Kickstarter and is now distributed worldwide by Fat Brain Toys. He earned an MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Richard is currently as Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Appalachian State University where he Co-founded and Co-directs the Innovation and Design Cooperative.


Chris Carpenter Trailhead Design

"I lead a team of problem solvers and our ability to deliver maximum value hinges on how well we frame problems and how ‘sticky’ our solutions are. The Design Thinking course gave the entire team new tools to help us sharpen our problem framing skills as well as gave us new methods to better ideate and articulate creative solutions."

Chris Carpenter

Sr Vice President of Business Improvement

Turner Broadcasting System

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